Types of Video to Add to Your Social Media Marketing

I am sure that many of you have been here before, thinking about what else can you do to boost your brand and product. You’ve been trying all the tips you’ve read online and somehow you’re not getting the results you expected. Here’s how you can refresh your social media marketing. By adding videos, it is a great way to engage with your audience and let them know you better, the only thing that is tough about putting videos out is that it’s difficult to determine what options will work for your brand.


Here are a few options you can try:


Going Live

This method has been a popular approach for many businesses today. Why? Because you get to interact with them right on the spot because it gives the audience a more personal interaction. Not only it’s easier to gain trust and it will also allow them to see who you truly are and what you do is real. There are many social media platforms out there that have these options to choose from, you just need to know which platform works better for your business.


Live videos is very effective for announcements, behind-the-scenes, and product information. Whereas regular short video updates can continuously engage your audience, while longer live video sessions can be a way to dig deeper with your followers through Q&A sessions and direct chats. There are many ways to go live, plan ahead how you want to make it and make sure you are prepared for it. Best advice would be to be original with what you’re putting out to your audience. As long as they feel that you truly care for them, they’ll keep supporting you.


Tutorial videos

Another approached would be tutorial videos. It’s very useful and definitely there’s value in it. But one thing you need to get it right while doing a tutorial video is that your content and the way you structure it is important. You need to make sure that the videos can relate to your products and services or can be broader topics that relate to your audience and industry.


Your tutorial videos needs to be clear, educational, and entertaining. You as a marketer you should balance properly between the length of the videos because they need to be long enough to show every step and short enough to be engaging. Put out the most important information the first minute, and your video should not be longer than a few minutes.


How to get the most out of tutorial videos?


  • The best feedback would be to ask your followers about what tutorials they would be most interested to watch.
  • Be active in comments and respond to messages throughout the video’s life.
  • Make the videos clear and to the point
  • Don’t rely too much on tools or techniques your followers aren’t likely to have or understand.
  • Have a clear call to action at the end of the tutorial video.


Informational videos

This type of videos you should focus on providing quality contents. You can cover any topic you want that is related to the industry or you can ask your viewers what would they want you to cover on. Slowly build your content archive with videos on a variety of relevant topics. Make them creative, unique, and insightful.


Make sure that you videos aren’t long scripts because it can come off as boring or dry if they aren’t produced correctly. Your content should not only be interesting to the viewer, but should also provoke the viewer to want to share it. If your videos aren’t shared by viewers, it means that there’s something you need to change or improve.


Here’s how you can improve your informational videos:

  • Infuse the videos with the personality that matches your brand identity.
  • Make it short and simple
  • Pay attention to what people say on social media: What do they want more of?


Show them the process

What I meant here is include them the footage of how you make the videos. Showing them behind the scenes is a great way to make your company and your team more personable. Include everything that you do from morning until the end of the day, show them the entire process of how you do your business. All of these things are designed to give prospective customers a better idea of how your company works and who you are. In turn, they’ll trust you even more once they’ve seen how you operate.


With videos like this, you’ll build a stronger customer relationship and also their loyalty towards your brand. Most of the time, when followers interact with brands online, they may not have a firm sense of the brand’s identity. This type of video really gives the opportunity to dig down into what makes a brand exceptional.


Here’s how to effectively add behind-the-scenes videos:

  • Don’t be afraid to add in some personality to it, be creative with your videos.
  • Identify what are the interesting things that your employees do that might attract viewers attention. It can be the company culture or day to day operation.
  • Use it as an opportunity to tell the story of your products, your brand, your people.
  • Add in the process of how you deal with customers, vendors, or employees in your industry.


User-generated videos

This is approach is fun and the result is incredible. Why? You are more connected to your audience and you encourage your users to create videos and incorporate your hashtags into the upload to give them more exposure. It is a brilliant way to grow an audience because users are more inclined to share the content they create.

When you’re requesting user-generated videos, what you want to remember is to directly interact and acknowledge your audience because they make an effort to produce content for you, therefore, you need to give them some incentives or reward that would keep them motivated to do more. One of the easiest way to show appreciation to what others have done is to praise the best content sincerely and share it to the public along with their name on it.


Here’s what you can do to get the most out of user-generated videos:

  • Give users the freedom to express their ideas. Encourage users to get creative or silly with their content.
  • Be sure to properly attribute the content to the creators and thank them.
  • Encourage them to share the videos with their friends.
  • Ask other users to vote on the content or to share the content they like the most.
  • For every campaign you do, have a giveaway or contest linked to user-generated videos. Making sure that the users are properly rewarded for their hard work.


How do you feel after reading all this? Pumped up and ready to implement videos to your social media marketing? Go ahead and try them out, you’ll be surprised how much progress you’ll see. If you want to take your business to the next level, understand that customer relationship is very important,





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