How to Deal With Email Unsubscribes

Regardless of what industry you’re in, this is a common problem we all face. You can’t really please all your clients all at once, there will be a few that will not like what you do. What I’m trying to say is you thought you’ve got it figured all out, you send a well-designed email with a meaningful subject line along with striking CTA colors to get their attention however somebody still clicks on unsubscribe.


It is almost impossible to have a zero unsubscribe rate, you can mitigate your unsubscribes. Typically a good unsubscribe rate is less than 0.5% (0.2% is within the norm). An unsubscribe rate above 0.5% shows that you’ve got some work to do.


Negative and positive reasons for unsubscribes

One of the most common reason why your audience unsubscribes from emails is that they get bombarded with too many sources that they are not interested on. Reason for email unsubscribes: 1. Overload inbox 2. Irrelevance 3. Too many from 1 company.


Unsubscribes mean a higher customer turn rate, disengaged readers, and a drop in the conversion rate, it may sound like the end of the world for you but it’s not. Do not let it bring you down.


Unsubscribe is a good thing for you, Why? let’s look at some of the benefits of unsubscribes.


When people unsubscribe it means there’s a problem there, and when you identify the solution isn’t it better for your company? Direct your unsubscribe requests to a preference center and let the person select what he or she wants to unsubscribe from. Know what is the reason they are choosing to leave and improve from there.


Another method is to seek feedback from customers regarding why they’re unsubscribing from your emails by offering a drop-down menu of options. Make it simple nothing too complicated for them. This information can help with an email marketing audit. It also acts as a motivator to create more relevant emails. Once all that issue have been resolved your list are only left with qualified contacts, after all you’re paying a price for every email you send. Why not send it only to the qualified prospects? And increase your conversion rate.


So how do you minimize unsubscribes?

While unsubscribes have some benefits, your goal likely still is to reduce the number of recipients who opt out. Here are some ways to do that.


Segment your list

Segment your subscriber list based on a relevant scope like age, gender, qualification, education background, purchased history, most recent interest and pages browsed. Segmentation helps you to send tailor-made emails according to the preferences of the subscriber. That personalization reduces the rate of unsubscribing because it’s what they want to see or read. Therefore there is a value there for them.

Want to know how to get more people to like your company? Send personalized offers that give a feeling of exclusivity to the subscribers and make them feel special.


Personalized Emails

Map the content to the buyer’s journey

When it comes to email marketing, knowing your buyer’s journey is half the battle. Everybody loves the feeling of being special therefore if you really go above and beyond for your customers you are on a good start.


TIP: Use an Excel spreadsheet to sort out this information and draft the right content for the most relevant segments.


Keep track on the number of emails

As you take different approaches, keep an eye on your response rate. This trial-and-error strategy can help determine a more ideal number you should send. To get a better response rate, research on which timing is best to send out an email and follow a consistent email schedule so that your subscribers know when they can expect your emails.


Give options for alternative communication

Include social media icons on your unsubscribe page so they can continue to connect with you on those platforms.


Work on your subject lines

The only way to reduce unsubscribes is to deliver value to the subscriber from the email subject line. Write an interesting subject line and preview text that conveys the purpose of the email right at the outset. Then, focus on crafting copy and visual elements that resonate the most with your audience segment.


Final thoughts

To help your business grow, it is important that you know what your problems are and fix them immediately. The better your emails, the happier your subscribers will be. You’ll see fewer unsubscribes and a higher conversion rate. It’s a win-win for both brand and email recipients. Good Luck!


Here’s the ultimate marketing plan for your business, we hope that you’ll find some value in it.

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