Don’t Be Overwhelmed by Facebook Advertising: Tips You Can Use Anytime

Recent research shows that with over 79% of American internet users are all using Facebook to network and discover new products. That’s a really huge market for you to get your hands on, if you know how to use this platform to your advantage. Because there are so many things being shared and advertise on Facebook, how do you keep up to date with all the current updates and news? The secret is you don’t. We only have so many hours in a day and you only want to focus on what you really want to get and not anything else.


Here are some tips for you to consider before you launch your advertising campaign:


Understand your customers

How many of you have seen ads on Facebook that you ignored immediately and continue scrolling for something that interest you? Those are not bad ads, they were not reaching the right audience. The key to run a successful Facebook ad it to first  know your customers well enough to create a highly targeted Facebook ad specifically just to attract them. Here’s one example for you to consider, assuming you’re promoting your brand new chocolate bar flavor to people that are currently on diet, as expected your results will not be high.


Here’s how you can make sure your Facebook ads are relevant to the target audience:


Create slightly different ads and messaging contents for different customers.

Target ads based on where your target is. What you really want to do is to advertise different messages to the people who never heard of your product, to people slightly familiar with your product, and to your loyal customers. This way your ROI would definitely be better than you targeting the general population.


Leverage on Facebook audiences

Targeting people based on their interests is one of the ways to create a Facebook audience. However, where the results really show is when you use the advanced audience features: custom audiences and look alike audiences. This is where you hit, the jack pot.


Consider targeting these high-ROI types of visitors to your site:

Previous website visitors

Landing page visitors

Blog readers ( segment them by topics if possible)

Those that abandon their shopping cart

Existing customers (for up-sell campaigns)







Make high-value offers

If you’ve done some marketing campaigns previously you should know that any ad you do you should always include two messages: a call to action and a good reason for taking them to take action. Many of us get the first part right, the call to action is easy, the hard part is next. What many Facebook ads are missing is a unique value proposition, a clear one-liner that explains how your product or service will benefit the viewer. It may sound simple but it’s hard to get it right. One way to know that if your ad is working or not is putting yourself in your customer’s shoe, “Would I click on this ad and buy this product?” If your answer is yes, you’ve got it right. But if it’s a no, you need to redo your value proposition.


A simple way is to offer free product or free trial for a certain time frame. You can offer a free product trial or a limited-time discount code. For example if you got a new flavor of chocolate bar you want to sell, give out free testing in malls to see how people are reacting to it, if they are coming back for more you’ll know that it’s a go.


Keep in mind, don’t brag about your product’s features that seem amazing to you but are irrelevant to your target audience. Nobody cares what you say about your product, they only care how is it good or benefit them.


Use original designs

The amount of images we see on Facebook is crazy, easily ten, if not hundreds of images on our daily newsfeed. To make your ads stand out from the crowd, design original ads instead of using stock images. Why because it relates to your brand and your company as a whole. To be original is better than duplicating others. In fact,people are more drawn to ads that are bold and stand out from the crowd. One of the easiest ways is to use bright colors. Alternatively, you could also swim against the flow and create minimalist ads with a white background. Simple and clean is also a trend many people are interested on.


Don’t have to over complicate your Facebook ad designs, and you don’t need extensive Adobe Photoshop skills in order to succeed. What you need is something that looks high quality and catches attention, a design you could easily create.


Do not repeat the same thing

Common sense would know that you can’t publish the same ads over and over again and expect more people to act on it. You can have the same product but you need to change the way you package your content or idea. To catch more target audience members, you need to create different ad creativity.


We as human beings we get bored eventually with the same thing over and over again. We seek something that is interesting and unique. Here’s what you can do to keep them on bait :


We would recommend you to change at least some of your ad creatives every two weeks. Add new designs to existing ad campaigns. Create ads in different colors with and without in-image text. Expand your ad images to create more diversity. Set up a Facebook ad rotation schedule by creating two to three ad sets, each with different creatives. Do not change any other elements such as the target audience.

Here is a simplified version of a custom ad schedule: On each weekday, your target audience will see a different ad, and, consequently, won’t get tired of seeing them as quickly. That is how you keep them on bait.


Now that you’ve got the proper technique to keep them on bait, what you need to know next is when is the perfect timing to do all this in order to maximize your ROI. Here’s how you can do it.


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