Visual Tactics That Boost Your Landing Page Conversions

Creating attractive visuals for a landing page is kind of like dressing for your first date, you want it to be perfect and the first few seconds they look at you, they are blown away. You want the visuals on your landing pages to communicate to visitors that way. Showing them that you’re delivering what they want in a manner that reflects your overall brand. Visuals are really important because it provides subtle and subconscious indicators that convince visitors to take actions.


Here are a few visuals, often used for product-focused marketing, to help you convert your visitors to sales


Offer Interactive Demonstrations

What do interactive demonstrations mean is that you allow them to try it on the spot, free trial, free customization packages, anything that allows them to get an idea of what they can expect before they are asked to commit anything. This is a very good way to earn trust and customer satisfaction. Just like buying a car, you need to test drive it first so that you know if it’s the right car you want. It applies here as well.


Use icons and illustrations to tell a story

One of the methods I typically love to use. A lot of businesses are using custom illustrations instead of stock illustrations because they are more interesting and it connects with the visitors. Creative illustrations tell a story rather than selling a product right in front of them and stories help conversions. Now that you know what keeps the attention of the visitor, you need to determine how you want your illustrations to convey that message.


Use icons to replace or reinforce text

Icons are really useful because they can communicate an idea in one graphic. It allows the audience to quickly understands the meaning conveyed in the image.


Striking click to actions (CTA) colors

Although you can find online different optimal colors for driving conversions, so there’s no one solid answer for this however CTA buttons are more effective if their color contrasts with the other colors on the page. This is the key things for you to keep in mind while choosing the color for your CTA.


Use real people

Pictures of real people, not fake models where you can find online. According to a marketing experiment conducted comparing a landing page with a “smiling lady” stock photo with a landing page featuring a photo of the company founder. The results were outstanding, visitors to the landing page with the founder were 35% more likely to fill out the CTA form than those who visited the “smiling lady” page. People today are smart and they can identify what’s real and fake, what you want is to include real people in your imagery to build trust slowly grow your brand recognition.


Make visuals count

Landing page is your one opportunity to make a good impression to visitors. Therefore it is really important to find the right visuals to do that. It’s not going to be easy and it’s going to take some time to do it, because you’ll need some proper planning and testing in before you’ll start seeing any prominent results. Something for you to consider is to be careful what visuals you use to put your brand ahead.


Now that you’ve seen how visuals can help you boost your conversions, try it out! To know more about what features your website need to have in order to be the best agent in your town, read it here.

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