Using Hashtags for Real Estate Marketing

I think I do not need to remind you how technology has affected every industry. With only more advanced technology to come in the future, we need to keep ourselves up to date in order to survive in this business. If you’ve been marketing your real estate business on social media platforms then you should know how important hash-tags are, especially when marketing to millennials. How does hash-tags work, some of you may wonder. Here is the beauty of living in the digital era, by adding hash-tags to your post you’re automatically filing it under certain categories depending on what keywords you use and when users search for the same hash-tag your content will appear. Your post can easily reach up to millions of people at once, imagine what it could do to your business if properly used.

Although it is convenient and effective the downside of using hashtags is that they change a lot. There’s no way to predict with 100 percent certainty what hashtags you’ll need for real estate but there are some formulas that generally work. On this guide, I will show you some of these go-to hashtags you can use for your real estate business.

1. #[your location]
Hashtagging your posts with your location is crucial if you post photos of your listings on social media. Why do you need to hashtag your location? Because it allows people that are searching for new home in your area to see your post and pictures.

2. #[local attractions]
Now that you’ve seen the power of hashtags. The next thing I would suggest you add is any local attractions that are relevant to your listing. But one thing to keep in mind while doing it is to not add too many irrelevant hashtags because you could be penalized for spam hashtagging by Instagram. So be smart around what to use so you get the most value out of it.

3. #[your brokerage]
Another way to increase your brand presence online is by creating your own hashtag that you will use on all the posts. It helps searchers find everything related to your brokerage in one place and helps you build credibility. Without credibility or brand presence, nobody will trust you and very likely you will get any leads.

4. #[generic, relevant words]
Sometimes, to increase your reach, you’ll want to hashtag words that relate to your post and have many posts attached to them. Be careful with this, as I have mentioned earlier you don’t want to get too spammy in your approach.

Researching for the right hashtags
Knowing which hashtags for real estate marketing to use requires time and effort. One of the tools I’ve been using for myself is Hashtagify because it can simplify your process by suggesting similar hashtags which is relevant to your post. All you have to do is simply input your hashtag into their search bar and they’ll come up with several additional options including how many people are currently using the same options as you. There are many more tools you can find online just to assist you with this. Don’t take my word for it, instead try it out yourself and determine which approach you feel is comfortable and effective for you.

After you’ve found a few relevant hashtags, create a list in your phone so you can copy and paste them into future posts. You’ll want to keep updating this list regularly because just like technology hashtag go out of date and you want to keep moving forward. I know it sounds crazy and unreal with just a hashtag it’s going to make a huge impact on your business, but it takes a lot of time and practice before it bears any fruit.

I hope this guide gives you direction or some sort of value in your real estate business. Good luck!

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