Top SEO Keywords for Realtor in Canada 2018

Top SEO Keywords for Realtor in Canada 2018

Real estate keywords are the topics that define what your online content is about. People use keywords to search for the content that they’re interested in, so optimizing your website or social media for them makes it easier to be found. This helps to drive traffic to your website, resulting in more leads and clients.

If you are looking to improve your Realtor Website ranking on Google, do consider to create content that has keywords that are currently generating a lot of traffics on Google.

Below are the top SEO keywords for 2018 that reflect the trends that people are most interested in when searching for real estate related queries.

Keyword Average Monthly Searches
real estate 508,000
mls 434,000
houses for sale 394,000
homes for sale 364,000
for sale by owner 210,000
land for sale 123,000
commercial real estate 87,000
houses for sale near me 79,000
mls listings 69,000
foreclosure 65,000
condos for sale 61,000
fsbo 56,000
home for sale 47,000
real estate license 45,000
real estate agent 41,000
realty 36,000
for sale 34,000
homes for sale by owner 32,000
foreclosed homes 31,000
real estate school 25,000
mls listing 24,000
buying a house 22,000
townhomes for sale 17,000
homesearch 14,000
houses for sale by owner 14,000


If you are based in Toronto or Vancouver, it will be better to generate keywords such as “House for sales in Toronto” or “Townhouse for sale in Vancouver” as Google knows the location of the searcher, it will rank your website higher for searches from Vancouver and Toronto.

You can go even deeper, for example, by generating keywords that are hyperlocal, such as a specific property in your locality, such as “The Pacific By Grosvenor for sale in Vancouver” or “101 St Clair for sale at Toronto”. Such hyperlocal keywords will certainly bring you relevant visitors that are looking to buy the specific property.


Keyword difficulty is a simple numerical ranking for how hard it is to beat the competition and get on the first page of Google for a given keyword. The lower the difficulty number, the easier it is to rank for that term. For example, if you reference the table above, looking at keyword difficulty you can see that you are much more likely to be able to rank your website or blog for “101 St Clair for sale at Toronto”.” than you for “real estate for sale” or “Toronto real estate

Combining general real estate keywords with local modifiers can have you ranking higher in relevant searches and directing potential clients to your website.

If you are keen to find out more keywords to plan your SEO strategy, do check out the below tools:

  1. Use Google AdWords Keyword Planner to See Popular Terms & Volume
  2. Use SEMrush for Competitive Intelligence: SEMrush allows you to plug your competitor’s website into their platform to see what keywords they rank for, and how much of their traffic is paid vs organic.



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