Rental Amenities That Wow Prospective Tenants

If you’re looking for other alternatives to attract more people to rent from you. You are looking in the right place. Here I am going to list out some of the things you can do in order to stand out from your competitors. Some of the things that I am going to mention below may seem familiar to some of you but it can be beneficial for those who are starting out new.


I’ve compiled a list for you and here it goes.


  1. Keyless Entry System

Have you ever came home and realized that you accidentally locked yourself out with the keys inside your home and you have to wait for other family members to unlock the door for you? I understand your frustration because I’ve been there before. For those of us who forget things easily, it would be great if you have the keyless entry system for your property. The ease of punching in a code or fingerprint detector to enter a door can be a great perk if you want to stand out from the crowd. It’s not a necessary however this can be an additional add on if you want a greater home experience.


  1. Covered or Private Parking

This can really be beneficial especially on locations where weather can be unpredictable or parking space is limited. From where I am staying I get a good bit of hail in my area, so covered parking is highly desired to avoid any hail damage. All this little detail may seem nothing to some of you but it may be extremely helpful for those that needed it. So research about your area and see what kind of parking features should you include in.


If you’re staying in a city where buildings are all pack together assigned parking can be highly sought-after especially by renters who have to carry children or want to avoid lugging items such as groceries a long way. This is the things you need to consider in order to attract more renters to your property.


  1. Fenced Yard

This particular add on can be desirable especially for families with children and pets. What I suggest you do is to first research your areas and do a survey to determine if the renters nearby your area are looking for a fenced yard or not. Because not all renters seek for these improvements.


  1. Security

If you have a condo making sure that it has gated entries, security patrol, and other safety features like security systems. This can really attractive to renters because it provides ease and comfort to those staying there. Especially in bigger cities this add on can really help you rent out your property because the likelihood of crime in cities are high therefore having a safe place to stay would where I would want myself to sleep every night. At least I don’t have to wake up and check every time I hear something strange.


  1. Snow Removal and Lawn Care

From what I understand many homeowners do provide snow removal to tenants. However, there are cases this feature are not provided which would make it attractive to offer it for rental home regardless of family size. The less the tenants need to do, the more bang for their buck they perceive they’re getting. What I would suggest you do, if possible throw in the lawn care and landscaping as well because from my experience there are some tenants that do not care about the lawn and therefore I’ve been fined by the city for having an unruly yard. Definitely not something you want to get into. It’s better for you to get all these things down before you take out more cash in the future.



There are plenty of outdoor amenities renters enjoy, but the interior of a property should obviously be more of a focus for investors. Nevertheless, properties that are attractive inside and outside can grab the attention of prospective tenants and give renters a reason to choose your property over others they’re considering. If you’ve followed the advice about, the next step is to advertise your features and take beautiful pictures of your property and post it online! I am 100% sure you’ll get a call very soon with this guide.


If you’re looking for other investment opportunities in real estate but you’re afraid or don’t know where to begin, you can visit this blog here as they have much information regarding real estate. Good Luck!


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