Pets or No Pets for Rentals?

I am sure this is a very common question you ask yourself is a landlord/ agent. It is true that pets can cause serious damage to home because certain breeds pose a certain characteristic that may lead to property damage or even worst. Personally, I would love to welcome all breeds. But insurance companies don’t feel the same. Which is why it can be really difficult for people with pets to find rentals.


So the question is should you or not accept pets in your rentals? I would say it all depends on you. Personally, I do! And here is why.


Pets Are Not Destructive

The reason why I say that pets are not destructive is that it all comes down to the environment they’re brought up in and how the owners are teaching them. While it’s absolutely true that many pets are destructive, especially young ones. But you have the obligation to not let them do that. For example, if they have biting issues you should put them in a place where they do not have access to things that are important to you or get them toys to distract them.


What I would make sure that there is a pet agreement signed as well as all its veterinary information and a pledge that there is no history of violence with the animal. This way it would be much more favorable for you.


Some Rentals Are More Pet-Friendly Than Others

It is good for you to know that if your property is suitable for the pet or not. For example, is your property equipped with a fenced yard? tile floors? Or carpet? If so, you may want to consider accepting pets, because it’s suitable for them. If your properties have wood floors, I don’t think you should allow dogs due to the potential for damage to occur.


Renters Are Willing to Pay Deposits and Fees

People love their animals, they’re part of the family. This is why many renters are willing to pay an extra security deposit plus pet rent each month to ensure they can house their animals.I am one of them. Back when I was young, I would do everything I can to have my dog stay with me.


What to Do If Pets Cause Damage

From experience allowing pets in my rentals have been a success. One problematic pet owner I encountered is going nose blind to their animals. Upon moving out, you could definitely smell that pets had been there. To remedy this issue, I put an odor bomb in the venting system and it cost me $60.


The other incident involved puppies. At first, the owners did not mention to me about having puppies however I knew about them and allowed them in the property if the tenant promise to create them. To my surprise, She did not and the puppies end up chewing up some wooden banisters and carpet. In this case, the damage exceeded the pet deposit. Thankfully, the renter paid for additional damages in full.


Covering Pet-Related Bases

I do charge pet rent throughout tenancy, and collect security deposits just in case any unnecessary damages that may occur. This is to ensure damages are covered if not repaired prior to moving out. If for any reason I come out behind and someone doesn’t pay for related damages, the pet rent is intended to help cover those costs.


Before I go one last thing for you to keep in mind is that therapy and service animals have laws protecting their status. Get yourself educated and up to date with the current laws is important. We as landlords should familiarize ourselves with the applicable laws.


With that out of your head, you can now use these marketing tips to help you get more leads!

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