Top 5 digital tools for realtor

1. IDX website Builder: These are the top IDX website builder for Realtor. ( free for NRA agents but non-existent support) and ( amazing customer support that helps you make various changes on your websites if you are not tech savvy or busy)

2. CRM: these are some of the CRM that worth exploring:,

3. Image Enhancing Service: Buyers are attracted by high quality, captivating pictures of your listings. You can engage to help you create stunning images for your listing. SImilar service are also provided by the designers at for a small fee.

4. Chatbot or live chat: It is important to have a livechat or chatbot enabled on your websites, so that visitors could ask question directly. One simple way is to enable facebook messenger on your website or purchase a chatbot from providers such as or

5. Email Marketing software: It is important to have a email marketing software such as mailchimp, that allows you to send your listing to your customer database .If you have less than 2000 subscribers, mailchimp is free for life!