Mistakes You Should Avoid In Content Marketing

We as human beings we can’t control whether or not we want to make mistakes in life. But one thing we can control is that we can learn from our mistakes and also others’ mistakes and avoid making them.


Here we would like to share with you some of the mistakes we’ve encountered and tips on how you can avoid them in your own content marketing campaigns.


Mistake #1: Focusing too much on yourself

Many of us have been there before, where we think that the more content we put out the better it is for the business, but that’s not the case. Instead what you want to focus on is posting quality content rather than tons of content that don’t bring value. Because it’s easy to say that look at how much things we’ve done and it gives us a sense of accomplishment but when look closely the quality of it is not up to par.


How to fix it: Make more quality contents, which takes more time but is far more worth the effort.


Mistake #2: Trying to be everything

Your business should have a niche, something you’re specialized in. Something that separates you from your competitors. Don’t try to be everything because the more things you have the quality or should I say the efficiency decreases. Instead, focus on one key area where you think you’ll be able to provide the most value to your customers and that way you’ll probably see far more results than skipping from one end to another end with no progression.


How to fix it: For example, if you’re writing a blog divide it into two different blogs one focused on listings and the other on Tips and latest news. This way it would be much easier for your visitors to navigate around plus it’s more professional.


Mistake #3: Not listening to your customers

The biggest mistake I’ve ever made in content production is not listening to customers first instead I put out what I thought is good for them, which is totally a wrong approach.


How to fix it: Don’t write content for any other purpose than helping people to solve a problem.












Mistake #4: Believing that other people know it all

One of the common mistakes I’ve made in this industry especially when creating my contents is that I do not have the proper knowledge of the market enough. I relied too much on the input I got from other sources until I realized that they rarely know what’s going on in the market.


How to fix it: Try to talk to at least two to three clients whenever you begin a new project just to get their feedback. If that’s not possible, conduct simple survey research because it always brings in new information for you to consider.


Mistake #5: Failing to set boundaries

We’ve all had the projects where there just seems to have too many things to get done but we don’t know how.


How to fix it: You should use a comprehensive scope of work or project brief, to make sure all those involved in a project agree are able to deliver on time and complete the task with passion.


Mistake #6: Too much Hype

With the advancement of technology on the rise, more and more platforms are available for you to carry out your marketing campaign in order to reach out to more people. Marketing technology is overrated. But changes in tactics have made a huge difference.


How to fix it: To get better results updating or even restructure an older article would probably be better for you than writing a new one. This is something that I wished I’d discovered years ago, but luckily you are here today reading this which saves you a lot of time.


Mistake #7: Assuming good writers always are good content marketers

One thing I learned is that a good writer doesn’t automatically make them a good content marketer. Yes, they are good at writing however the ability to convince an audience to take action while still delivering value on a consistent basis is hard, and it takes more than the ability to craft a pretty sentence to get it done. It’s all about creativity and how to put them to use.


How to fix it: Interview content marketing candidates differently, look for their insight into the audience, conversion optimization, and marketing objectives more broadly instead of focusing heavily on their writing sample.


With this guide, you should be able to get ahead of your competitor pretty quickly, but one thing you need to have is having a proper CRM tool! If you do not know what a CRM is you need to read this article CRM for real estate agent.

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