How To Stay Positive In A Negative Market?

“Attitude is everything.” I am sure you have heard this phrase before. This is very true because it’s simply your attitude and mentality that will give you the edge over others who don’t. If you’re not a believer of positive thinking you need to start doing it now because most people are intelligent enough to know that this statement is true. Yes I know, some of you may argue that a positive attitude doesn’t always work. Yes, it may not always work but one thing I am very sure of is that a negative attitude will NEVER work.


If you really want to be successful in this market, you need to maintain a positive attitude at all times.


Now that you’ve got that in your checklist. The next part is important because many real estate agents often struggle and burn out when the market is slow. Here’s what you can do.


Why? By preparing yourself for the worst-case scenario while at the same time putting your best effort forward to get the best possible result this will take the mental pressure off you and allow you to focus on getting the job done. Train your mind to be positive and realistic in all situation this way you’ll find out that things are much easier for you.


If it bleeds, it leads

There’s this old saying in the media business that goes “If it bleeds, it leads.” What it meant is the media loves to cover negative news more than positive because it sells better. The society that we live in today are more curious and attracted to negative news because it entertains them. So when the real estate market is in turmoil, the media loves to run these negative headlines to keep reminding people how bad things are and eventually your brain will wire itself that no matter what you do you’ll have a negative result.


For example, when a buyer hears the bad news, it affects demand because the negative news drives fear to them and they are worried whether the time is right to buy a home. The media plays an important role in shaping the real estate market and this affects lenders, real estate agents, and other professionals who rely on the real estate business for their income because it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy when things are already bad and the media are there to remind us again how bad it is thus it affects decision making.


Action speaks louder than words

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, well done is always better than well said. You need to know you miss 100% the chance you didn’t take and especially in a slow market you have to take a whole lot of action in order to get your houses sold. We as humans we tend to blame it on something, so we feel better because that it’s not our responsibility. I used to be this way until I realized how bad it. Do not think that when the market is slow there is nothing you can do but instead DO more when the market is slow. That way you’ll learn and grow faster than your competitors. It’s better than you learn to sail your own ship and make a living for yourself rather than asking people to sail your ship for you. However, it’s not just about working hard; it’s about working SMART. You need to do things in the right order and in the right way to get the proper results.


What you need to do is getting your house exposed to as many buyers as possible, not necessarily getting it done perfectly because the law of probability states that the more you try the higher your chance of success. Don’t be bothered by the number of rejections you get, be more optimistic each time you get rejected because you’re one step closer to finding the right buyer.


One of the biggest drawbacks for the average person would be the lack of knowledge. Taking the time to learn what to do is a very important part of the success in selling a house. I would highly recommend a classic book Think & Grow Rich where Napoleon Hill writes about the importance of learning the right things and distinguishes between general knowledge and specialized knowledge.

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