How To Keep Your Team Motivated?

One of the most common problem business owners and leader struggles with are keeping their team motivated. What you need to understand is that there’s more to motivation than just monetary compensation. In this guide I will lay out the three aspects I focus on to get my team to perform at their maximum. I strongly believe that not necessarily more income equates to more motivation and drive in one person. A good leader should know how to properly motivate their members in order to push them to the next level.


Giving sincere recognition

Personally, one of the most important and most under look aspects are giving sincere recognition and showing gratitude. Just because you are the boss/leader it doesn’t make you any better than them. Don’t let your ego control you, instead think from their perspective and how you can motivate them on a more personal level. We as human we can tell when you are being sincere versus faking it. If you’re giving recognition to someone out of obligation just to check off a box, you’re doing it wrong. Don’t fake it, be sincere about it. Drop them a personal email, call them up, or even taking them out for a meal can really make a difference.


It’s a leader’s job to create a recognition-rich environment in which those they lead choose to give their best. Focus on the recognition that points out what about their work was great. Be grateful and thankful for the efforts that they have given, do not use authority too much to prove that you are the boss. A working environment with no recognition and gratification will not get far ahead because most of your team are not motivated to work for you, they are probably doing it for the seek of the paycheck but it will not increase your overall productivity and performance.


How you praise them is also important. Instead of just saying, “You did great with those clients.” Try saying something like, “Mr, David reached out to me and pointed out that you were very attentive to their needs, and you showed them houses that met their criteria, plus you worked hard to negotiate for them. I really appreciate that you take such pride in your work.” Just take a few seconds to let this sink in, imagine how would you feel if someone said this to you? I will definitely bust my ass off for them!


When you want to give someone on your team recognition, take the time to write a personal note to them. Many of the companies I see today are only giving recognition to those that have achieved a big milestone or deal. So what about those that have been working hard but still unable to achieve it? Being a good leader you should stand in the middle, recognized the effort of each and everyone that is working for you. If they achieve even a small milestone, take the effort to write to them. Make it a habit of writing one personal note to a different person each day to show gratitude for what they are accomplishing on your team and what their contributions mean to you and the team. This way you not only improve overall team spirit you are also building a team that will stand by your side no matter what happens.


Improve your team by developing discipline

Now I know that I’ve mentioned previously that you should recognize those that work hard for you but you should also set certain discipline in your company. Because a bad employee can really bring down the overall team motivation, you should cut out the poor performers and keep those that are really true to you. This is a process every leader have to go through, not everyone is going to be an all-star. Your main goal is to get rid of the people destroying your culture team performance.


The common practice we see today are leaders, pay more attention to top performers and pushing them to do better. On the other hand, you don’t push the employees that are not performing that well. It goes both ways, be fair and treats everyone the same.


Being surrounded by a team of people who are positive, hardworking, driven, giving, and ambitious can make your team accelerate growth tremendously. If you do not believe what I say, try it out yourself. Focus on building a culture of giving back and tying our work to a purpose. Now that you’ve finished reading the entire article if you’re still having confuse or even need more guidance in the real estate industry, I would recommend you to read the tips here.

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