How do You Prove Your Value To Clients? Taking SEO to the Next Level

Being in the digital era can only mean one thing, the better you are at technology and software applications you have the upper hand. The reason why is because if you do not know how to apply all this to your business you have nothing to compete with your competitors. With the advancement of coding and different social media platforms to drive more traffic to businesses, it is essential that you master the art SEO.


We invest so much effort into finding opportunities for our clients, executing strategies, and getting the results we set out to achieve. For someone who doesn’t understand a thing about SEO, there is no point of you convincing them the value of it because they don’t understand how it works. That is why we know very well how our work benefits our clients’ websites. Carefully we research the words and phrases that our clients’ ideal customers are using and from there we help create content that satisfies those needs. In turn, Google rewards our clients with high rankings that capture clicks as well as traffic to the website.


At the end of the day, what your client truly cares about is their return on investment. In other words, if they can’t mentally make the connection between your SEO results and their revenue, then the client might not keep you around for long.


Here’s how you get revenue from SEO. Below we will share with you some of the tips if you want to help your clients get a clearer picture of the real value of your efforts and how you can help their business grow.


  1. Identify their main objective

This is very important because you need to understand what your client really want and make sure that it’s clear layout. What does your client expect people to do when they view the website?. Knowing how your client uses their website to make money is key.


  1. Know your client’s close rate

How many of the leads your campaigns generate end up becoming customers? This will help you assign values to goals. Refer to (tip #4).


  1. Set up goals in Google Analytics

Once you know what constitutes a conversion on your client’s website (tip #1), you can set up a goal in Google Analytics. If you’re not sure how to do this, read it up on Google, because you need this. We will not ask you to do something that is not beneficial for you.


  1. Assign goal values

Knowing that the organic channel can lead to conversion is great, but knowing the estimated value of that conversion is even better. What we meant by this is, for example, if you know that your client closes an average of 15% of the leads that come through contact forms, and the average value of their customers is $250, you could assign a value of $37.5 per goal completion.


  1. Bring all your data together

Now for the final step, come out with a strategy on how you can communicate all this data. We suggest you to use smart visualizations and helpful explanations to further help your client understand the value behind your work.


Although there are other ways to drive your SEO rankings, the ones we mentioned above are some of the foundations you need to master. To find out more how you can make your website attract more attention apart from SEO, read this article your website must grab your audience’s attention.

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