Here’s How You Can Boost Your Brand With Social Stories?

Living in the digital era it is important that we are following the current trend. Many businesses fail because they are still using methods that are long past due. The methods you used 5-10 years ago may work back then but it may not be working as efficiently as it used to be. One of the most under look platform today is social media. The reason why I said so is that most business owners expect to see the value /profit first before they invest money in it but that does not apply to social media. It takes time, and with proper content consistently sharing to users it will generate a huge sum of profit in the future. Investing in social media is like investing in long term stocks, it takes some time before you see the results. Therefore this is one of the reasons why many people refused to use social media as a way to do business because they don’t believe in the structure. The rise of social stories has opened up an opportunity for entrepreneurs and major brands alike to take their marketing to a new level. What are social stories? It is a short-term content piece that lasts for 24 hours on Facebook and Instagram.



We all know that business is all about reaching out and connecting with more people. With the advancement of technology today we are able to do it literally anywhere in the world. You get to connect with your followers in a more personal way and show people that you’re somebody that they would love doing business with. Typically, these stories include a sequence of photos and easily digestible 10- to 15-second video clips of things that happened recently.


Here Is Why You Should Use Social Stories To Your Advantage:


  • Easily Digestible: The moment a viewer opens your story, they are presented with little snippets of content. Everybody is busy today and we don’t have time for long articles. It’s short, simple and straight to the point.


  • Broader coverage: Social stories allow you to increase the volume of content you get in front of your audience, extending your ability to stay on top-of-mind without worrying that you’ll spam their newsfeed.


  • Transparency: Majority of the clients today are expecting more from businesses, they are looking for something unique, someone they can trust including transparency. With social stories, you can give your followers a look into your world. This is really helpful as you’re working to build your reputation in the real estate industry. Sharing your day to day activities and fun events can really build a strong relationship with your followers because it makes them feel connected with you.


  • Low cost: All you need is a smartphone. There’s no need for a fancy camera, money, or hiring professionals to help you edit when it comes to story posting. What you need is a little bit or creativity and impressive contents that will attract them to come back for more.


You’re New But You Don’t Know What To Share


Begin with these below:


  • Listings

Share professional and candid photos of new listings on Facebook and Instagram. In order to take it to the next level, record meet-the-seller and meet-the-agent videos and add some music to it.


  • Client interactions

Here is how you can earn their trust and build a strong bond. By showing them how you interact with your clients, post short clips or photos with them throughout the day. Make sure to include a brief description of what you are doing together. What makes this interesting is that it’s all genuine and people get to see who you really are.


  • Neighborhoods

Share interesting events, food or even restaurants at the neighborhood you’re in. It doesn’t necessarily have to be work related otherwise it would be boring. People are more interested to know you as a person first before anything else happens. The more you show followers you’re out and know the details about various neighborhoods, the faster you solidify your reputation as the local expert.


Now that you’ve seen the power of this tool, I hope you make good use of it and try it out yourself. If you’re new and you don’t have that much capital on hand to make an investment I think it’s good that you read up how you can invest with little to no cash and experience in real estate.

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