Managing Leads with CRM for Realtor

As a realtor, you are a business owner.
It is imperative for you to manage your customer relationship and it is no easy task when you have hundreds, or even thousands, of leads to juggle.

A rockstar real estate agents who are consistently raking in the high seven and eight figures never wonder where their next deal is coming from. He would have build a sales pipeline, detailing Leads, Negotiating and Closing status for each potential customers. All this can be easily managed via a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

with so many choices of CRM software, what should we be looking out for in a effective lead management CRM software?

below are the few key features that you should take note of:
1. It should be integrated to your websites, so that all leads from chatbot, contact me pages are automatically updated at the CRM. Its even better if it can connect direct to other digital channels such as Facebook messengers

2. It should allow manual input of leads: This is to cater offline leads that comes to you via phonecalls or SMS or thru a social gathering.

3. it should allow you to track the leads: It is important update each lead status with next action item such as Cold, Hot, Call Back, Closing etc

4. A simple dashboard that summarize the leads pipeline: Total leads, total potential sales, total closed sales etc