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In this past few years, it seems that the real estate industry has lived up to its reputation. More and more fresh graduates are excited to be a licensed agent and it seems to be a hot career pick for most, mainly because of the glamorous lifestyle successful real estate agents are showing.

Don’t worry today we’re going to break down the 5 reasons why most real estate websites fail and how you can overcome it


  1. One Size Fits All Plan

I am sure you’ve come across some websites where they try to fit all the information on one page. Squeezing them all together with ugly fonts and weird color templates. (You should have an image in your mind right now and that’s not the type of website you want to have.)

One key element many forget is the “Flow” of their website. Making sure to have a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate around is important. Websites can be complicated and frustrating to use especially if there are too many elements at once.


2. Too Much Ego

What this means is, if you’re focusing too much on “Me” instead of ”You” you’re losing the ball game. The truth is, nobody cares who you are, and what you have.

What they want:

  • Easy to use IDX
  • excellent customer service
  • Helpful blog articles that make buying and selling process easier
  • SEO ranking

In today’s society, you need to first give, give and give before you ask for any business. Only when you have given them the value they are looking for, then you’ve gotten their attention. Like it or not in this digital era, attention is equivalent to profit.


  1. Where’re your Calls to Action (CTA)?

One of the fastest ways to improve any website is through the proper usage of Calls to action. Ask yourself this, do you have pop-ups or active calls to action that give people more value in exchange for their information? And are they visible to visitors? If your CTA is a tiny box at the corner of your website, most likely nobody will notice it’s there. So remember to have a clear and consistent CTA for your website


  1. Non Mobile-Friendly

With over 3.2 billion people in the world are actively using the smart phone, and that numbers will only keep increasing. If your website is not a mobile responsive website, what’s the point?. Assuming that people are interested and they click in to find out that they can’t see properly, you’ve just lost a lead and they’re off to another agent’s website. Don’t make this silly mistakes because it’s going to cost you.


  1. Loads too Slow

Having a slow website drives people crazy and it kills traffic. Do you know that your load speed actually affects your SEO ranking?. If you don’t you may want to take note on that. So how do you know what is fast and what is considered slow? Typically you would want to be under 2 seconds, anything more than that you need to change your host.

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