4 Pieces of Advice to REI Newbies

I understand that starting out in the real estate investment can be intimidating because I’ve been there before. But one thing you need to know is that we are all living in a digital era now and it’s fair to say that there’s plenty of resources right at your fingertips. What I’ve done when I first started are, watching relevant videos, reading articles, and listening to real estate podcasts. It not only helps me to further understand more about the field and it also helps me to explore what are the opportunities that I have. So make good use of your time and you’ll save plenty of unnecessary mistakes in the future.


So here are the advice I would give someone who is just starting out


  1. Learn from people who have been successful

There’s never been a better lesson than to learn it from those who have done it successfully. You are going to start off slow and things will not go as you plan but do not be discouraged by this downfalls. Because this is the process that each and every one of us has to go through. My advice keep your heads up, keep educating yourself, network with more people and don’t be afraid to ask. In order to grow, you must go out and make mistakes, learn from them, be diligent and stay driven.


Have you ever seen a baby run before he walks? I am sure by now you get the picture of what I am trying to say


Learning is the first step. If you’re here, you probably know that. It’s important to understand the industry; the reasons why profit loss occurs, how to partner with the right contractor, etc. However, that’s easier said than done. A quick search will reveal thousands of FREE resources available to you. And at some point, you’re going to land on a few that are proven, a few you can trust, and hone in on them. Do not be trick by social marketing gimmicks that guarantees you a huge return in the shortest amount of time, things that seem too good to be true you may want to avoid it. Speaking from my experience I’ve wasted a huge sum of money because I wanted to earn quick money and indeed I learned a very expensive lesson in life. A famous saying that goes “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” -Bruce Lee


If you stick to one strategy and master it you can expand tremendously from there


  1. Take action on what you’ve learned

With all the resources available for you, there comes a time for every entrepreneur or starter to take action. To be successful, you’re eventually going to have to stop watching the videos and listening to the podcasts and take your first step. Now I know that taking the first leap can be scary and the fear of failing pressures us not to do it. Do not think about getting started, JUST DO IT. So much of real estate investment (and any undertaking that’s worth anything or bears any fruit) is about persevering.


Be comfortable with failing. Because you’re going to.

After you do your homework, learn about the industry, and soak up all you can, you’ll finally take the leap and begin. And when you do, you’re going to fail. And that’s good! Everybody fails. Literally everybody. Remember that each time you fail, you’re one step closer to your goal. Understand why you fail and make it better the next time. I always keep these three things in mind, 1) learn, 2) practice, 3) fail forward. As long you fail forward and learn from those mistakes you will reap the benefits in the long run


  1. It’s a numbers game

Knowing that Real estate is truly and will always be a numbers game. How many people can you get in front of to make offers and solve their problems? Since you already know that it’s a number game. All that is left in the equation is an effort. Remember what I’ve mentioned earlier? Failing is inevitable, the more you fail the higher your chances of success. Here’s what I’ve done in the past. After trying over and over again I found out that for every 100 DM’s on Instagram I get myself one lead, and if I need 15 leads, then put in the work and send 1,500 DMs. You may argue what if Instagram temporary disable you from sending DMs? The answer is simple, send them personal emails or even call them if you are able to find their numbers. Now the point is it requires loads of effort, and people usually don’t want to put in the effort.


Get in front of enough people that are your target audience, and have them trust you, and you will close deals. The problem is that you have to go through 10, 20 or even more leads sometimes to close 1, and getting that many can be tough. Which is why many quit halfway through because they don’t see results and it burns their motivation.


  1. Know your “why” and remind yourself every single day

In order to sustain and stay driven you need to first figure out your “why”. Trust me that is the only thing that keeps me going. What I would do if I were you, lock myself in a room and start writing down what motivates you. What gives you the extra pump of drive when everything else falls apart? Make sure that you have a good answer for that. Maybe your “why” is to provide better for your family just like me. Maybe it’s to provide some hope and love to people that are hurting and need a way out of their financial troubles. Maybe you just want to work for yourself and leave the rat race. Maybe it’s all those things. Whatever yours is, have it firmly fixed, and use it to help you make it through the dip.



With all that being said, I hope that you find this helpful and maybe you’ll get some value out of it.

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